Two Bomax projects nominated for LOOP Design Awards 2023

The LOOP Design Awards is becoming among the most prestigious and recognised international Architecture, Design and Art Awards. Now in its fourth edition, LOOP is an open platform for creativity and talent, celebrating the best Architecture, Interiors, Landscape Design, and more.

Two Bomax-designed projects – Sunset Villa and House Llandudno, both in Llandudno, South Africa – have been nominated in the three categories for the LOOP Design Awards 2023.

House Llandudno

Nominated in two categories, Architecture – Residential & Houses, and Themed – Design & Concrete, House Llandudno is a bold, statuesque residence commanding sweeping views over the Cape Atlantic. Designed for clients with a profound appreciation for contemporary architecture and minimalist style, its naked off-shutter concrete forms serve as a passive design solution for this coastal sanctuary that seamlessly integrates with the surrounding nature.

Designing an uninterrupted eaves structure capable of withstanding the harsh Cape storms while preserving the breathtaking ocean vistas was a formidable technical feat. Bomax collaborated closely with leading international engineers and a specialised concrete formwork team to meet this challenge. The result is a striking concrete structure characterised by deep, razor-edge, downward-sloping cantilevers. These unique and intricately designed forms create a weightless illusion as they elegantly cantilever over the horizon with expansive open spans.

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House Llandudno comprises two interconnected structures linked by an underground funicular lift shaft tunnelled into the granite. The main dwelling caters to the owners, while a separate annexe offers independent accommodation for visiting family and friends. A striking 25-meter rim-flow pool gracefully divides the forms, adding rhythm and balance while adhering to height and bulk restrictions.

The interior design is intentionally simple and serene, allowing the natural surroundings to take centre stage. Materials such as granite, boulders sourced from the site, sand, and driftwood from the beach inspired the material palette. Sustainability and energy efficiency were paramount considerations, with a state-of-the-art automation system reducing energy demand and creating a future-proof ‘off-grid’ dwelling. Passive design solutions, including heat-sinking concrete, strategic orientation, and roof gardens, ensure thermal comfort without needing mechanical cooling. Sustainable materials like bamboo and lava stone further underscore the eco-conscious approach permeating every design journey stage.

Sunset Villa

Perched on a cliff overlooking the untamed Cape Atlantic Ocean, Sunset Villa embodies a seamless fusion of luxury living and natural splendour. Nominated in the Concept – House Concept category, this Mediterranean-inspired family abode radiates tranquillity and minimalism, adorned with white-pigmented concrete and lime-washed finishes that resonate with the coastal environment.

The architecture invites nature inside with soaring ceilings, skylights, and graceful archways framing panoramic views of Judas Peak. A sprawling rim-flow infinity pool extends towards the horizon, obviating the need for obtrusive balustrades. The expansive, uncluttered layout seamlessly integrates indoor and outdoor spaces, providing ample room for alfresco dining and moments of serene seclusion.

Sunset Villa champions sustainability in contemporary design as a self-sustaining, environmentally conscious sanctuary. The dwelling draws its energy from photovoltaic solar panels and cutting-edge pellet-burning technology, establishing an off-grid paradigm.

A thoughtfully designed U-shaped courtyard shelters residents from the elements, guiding them towards a fountain pool and a cliff-edge infinity pool that harmoniously merges with the boundless expanse of the ocean. Meticulous consideration of the sun’s trajectory, prevailing winds, and seasonal weather patterns ensures year-round comfort. In winter, intimate retreats and subterranean cellar hideaways offer refuge from the chill.

The material selection takes cues from the beach below, embracing a natural and weathered aesthetic. Granite, white concrete, slate, and limestone compose the soft design palette of Sunset Villa. Integrating site-excavated granite into the lower levels and basement wine cellar infuses a touch of Mediterranean influence while anchoring the design within the context of the coastal landscape. Sunset Villa is a testament to thoughtful design that celebrates luxury and environmental responsibility, offering a sanctuary that harmonises with its awe-inspiring surroundings.

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The judging process is designed to reflect the complexity and extraordinary qualities of all areas of design. A jury panel of recognised architects, designers, and industry professionals evaluate each entry based on various diverse attributes, including innovation, form, impact, space, light, harmony, context, details, functionality, intensity, diversity, creativity, contrast, expression, textures, materiality, environment, beauty, style, simplicity, transparency, ecology, composition, innovative character, and more. Winners are announced online between September and October 2023.

The LOOP Design Awards have been bringing together the global architecture and design community since 2019, celebrating and honouring diversity with remarkable works worldwide.

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