Sunset Villa

Perched on a cliff overlooking the blue expanse of the Atlantic Sea, Sunset Villa emerges as a stunning seaside family retreat that seamlessly blends luxury with the surrounding natural beauty. Envisioned by our clients as a serene and minimalist Mediterranean-style cliffside residence for Cape Town summers, our latest design concept embraces neutral materials and colours to create a beach house that harmonises with its environment.

High ceilings, natural skylights and archways frame the spectacular mountain vistas of Judas Peak. The refined, neutral colour palette creates a peaceful environment, allowing nature’s beauty to take precedence. A long rim-flow infinity pool, positioned before the main living level, provides uninterrupted views of the beach below. The voluminous, uncluttered open floor plan and easy-flowing outdoor entertainment areas provide ample room for intimate gatherings and peaceful solitude.

Designed as a self-sustaining, off-the-grid residence, Sunset Villa incorporates Functionality and sustainability. Discreetly concealed preparation, service, and utility areas maintain the operational efficiency of the space while preserving its visual harmony.

A U-shaped courtyard, thoughtfully designed to provide shelter from wind and rain, guides residents toward a fountain pool and cliff-edge infinity pool, seamlessly merging with the vastness of the sea. Meticulous attention to the sun’s path, prevailing wind directions, and seasonal weather patterns ensure comfortable living spaces throughout the year. Although primarily intended for summer occupancy, Sunset Villa’s carefully designed intimate enclosures guarantee year-round comfort. During occasional winter stays, cozy retreats and cellar hideaways provide solace from the chill.

White-pigmented concrete with a lime-wash finish, thick natural stone tiles, and smooth concrete floors seamlessly merge with the overall soft design palette of Sunset Villa. The integration of granite rock, excavated from the site, into the lower level and basement wine cellar adds a touch of Mediterranean influence while grounding the design concept in the nestled coastal beauty.

Cape Town, Western Cape