La Belle Vue

The project was an extensive alteration of an introverted building that now unzips across the entire front façade, allowing direct access from the dining, living, entertainment room and master bedroom to the exterior on both levels. The house breathes the sea air where the beach now becomes one with the interior of selected natural matte finishes. The architecture seamlessly integrates interior design not only with the finishes and décor, but with the sculptured forms of the building as well.

The ground floor formal lounge area is soothing in its chalky monochromatic palette, allowing natural light to sculpt and enhance the interior architecture and stucco walls. The furniture uses strong lines, clean forms, and materials such as etched raw oak, vintage leather, satin brass, and granite to create a timeless elegance.

Although the architecture expresses a modern, somewhat minimalist aesthetic, the client wished to express his African heritage through elements of the interior. Consequently, many of the furniture items were custom designed to subtly articulate a luxurious African modernism.

The living room was designed around a large granite boulder that was a primary source for the colour and material palette. We managed to find slabs of granite from Israel that are the identical stone material as the boulder. We had these slabs sandblasted to a matte texture and used them to clad the fireplace.

Llandudno, Cape Town