House Llandudno

House Llandudno overlooks the Atlantic Ocean, designed with beautiful, bold, concrete forms for our international clients who have an intimate understanding of contemporary architecture and minimalist style. The building is made up of two components: the main house for the owners and the separated annex for their visiting family. These two separate buildings are connected underground with an internal funicular.

The building is an engineering feature created through functional requirements and a response to the site. A self-sufficient home both off-the-grid and integrated with nature. The architecture includes sustainable materials and energy saving photo-voltaic technology. Electromagnetic field testing led to the discovery of underground water, which was drilled and discovered at 100 meters, a rare find in Llandudno.

Considering the client’s ideals and the site factors, the design challenge became apparent; design an uninterrupted eaves with a structure that will stand up to the storms of the Cape without affecting the views. With the help of leading international engineers and an expert specialist concrete formwork team, a stunning concrete structure with deep cantilevered, maintenance free off-shutter forms were designed. The shapes are open to the late morning sun over Judas Peak and closed to the harsh reflective sun from the West.

To reduce scale and comply with site limitations we repeated the form to accommodate the planning of an annex wing for the visiting now adult children of the family. The main house and annex building create rhythm and balance, separated by a 25m mirror pool with surrounding rim flow to all sides.

House Llandudno has been shortlisted for the Residential Architectural Property category in The Design Et Al International Design and Architecture Awards 2023. The results will be announced in mid-September.

Llandudno, Western Cape
700 m2