Emerald Park

The Emerald Park development is proposed to be an eco-friendly residential development targeting high net worth individuals in Kinyinya. The land earmarked for this project currently lies in a location which is part of the proposed Kigali Green City, thus the development intends not only to fit within the existing Kigali Master plan alone but also within the Kigali Green City Masterplan.
The development aims at providing a modern residential neighbourhood in Kigali with state of the art infrastructure and amenities.

The development is expected to:
• Be a gated, centralized community where residents can live and work while having their lifestyle needs met in a unique and vibrant setting.
• Ensure stronger neighbourhood character and sense of place with facilities and amenities in one location while ensuring serenity.
• Cater for the residents’ recreational requirements by designing shared communal facilities, health and fitness facilities, children’s playgrounds and outdoor sports areas.

Kigali, Rwanda
700 m2