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  • May 6, 2019

Takealot New Road launched on Friday, 3rd May 2019 as the new collection point for Gauteng.

Bomax designed the interiors with unique eye-catching elements to suit Takealot’s style and brand.

Heinrich van Zyl, project architect at Bomax, answers questions regarding this vibrant new Takealot project.



What were the main considerations when formulating the design for the collection facility?

The site is an existing bridge structure over the busiest road in Africa which provides great accessibility from both directions. The main purpose of this collection point is to get the parcels to the customers as quickly as possible. The location has the added benefit of multiple facilities such as petrol and convenience stores.

Operational efficiency dictated the design. The two most important considerations were the journey of the parcel and the experience of the customer. The flow for both was paramount and included three main steps.

Each parcel arrives from the warehouse, is sent upstairs to storage and comes back down for collection by the customer.

Customers check in, wait for the parcel then collect and depart.


Were there any challenges? And how were they addressed?

Having storage facilities located on the first floor presented a challenge for the flow and efficiency of the logistics but allowed an opportunity for a novel and exciting method of getting the parcels moved between floors. This was successfully and playfully addressed by the spiral conveyor belt that gets the parcel from storage to the collection desk and in the customer’s hands in under 3 minutes.


Where did the concept and idea for the feature wall originate from?

The overall design had to convey the Takealot brand which is founded on efficiency and the customer. The layout was kept simple to allow an efficient experience for the customer but features several Takealot brand aspects such as the distinguishable blue colouring throughout. This is visible in the spiral conveyor belt, collection desks, and circular acoustic panels on the ceiling. The aim was to keep the space elegant, through limiting the colour palette and finishes, but still incorporate a playfulness that will allure anyone who walks into the space.

Apart from the distinct spiral, a feature wall was designed for the double volume space to represent the different departments of Takealot and the variety of products they offer. Each item of the feature wall was custom moulded with high density foam. The installation forms the centre of the space and is fascinating in its scale and intrigue.

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