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After redesigning the Takealot Head Office in Cape Town, Bomax Architects was appointed to design a new ‘Pick-up Point’ for Takealot in Jhb. The concept, by Kim Reid Takealot CEO, of converting the old New Road bridge over the busy Jhb/Pretoria N1 highway into a store depot with collection points conveniently located at the off ramps was genius. Bomax creatively designed the interior and services to make this idea an efficient reality for the customer. The overall design had to convey the Takealot brand, which is founded on efficiency and function. The planning considers the journey of a parcel which is to be delivered from a warehouse, through a secure access and stored in the bridge awaiting summons on demand from a customer who is collecting. Collection had to be provided on both sides of the road for easy access from the off ramps on both sides. An automated system scans the customers QR code and calls the parcel down a spiral helix conveyor belt within minutes for the customer. What an experience! Glide off the highway, scan your code, parcel spins down and you are out. Possibly with a coffee or burger after refuelling at the petrol station. The design brief was to make sure the system works. The forms, aesthetics and décor are all representative of the functions required for this utility service to work. The spiral helix conveyor belt is the fastest way to get the parcel down form the overhead bridge store to the customer while taking up the least amount of floor space. The double volume wall was an opportunity for Bomax to design a collage of components representing the varied departments of Takealot. Each item was custom routed from a 3d model and moulded with high density foam. The installation inspires thoughts of product availability and shopping online accessibility. In addition to the New Road Bridge, Bomax has also designed a template for 48 smaller collection points throughout the country.

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