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Bomax Architects designed a new central collection point for Takealot in Johannesburg which bridges across the busiest road in Africa. The overall design had to convey the Takealot brand which is founded on efficiency and the customer. The layout was kept simple to allow an efficient experience for the customer but features several Takealot brand aspects such as the distinguishable blue colouring throughout. This is visible in the spiral conveyor belt, collection desks, and circular acoustic panels on the ceiling. The aim was to keep the space elegant, through limiting the colour palette and finishes, but still incorporate a playfulness that will allure anyone who walks into the space. Apart from the distinct spiral, a feature wall was designed for the double volume space to represent the different departments of Takealot and the variety of products they offer. Each item of the feature wall was custom moulded with high density foam. The installation forms the centre of the space and is fascinating in its scale and intrigue. In addition to New Road, Bomax has also designed 48 smaller collection points throughout the country. This included joinery, signage and internal fit outs.

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